Wrocław City Game


This time we have something completely new for you and at least for us, very exciting!  On Sunday, July 12, we are organizing the first city game in which we will combine fun with sightseeing!

Do you know the story about the gold of Wrocław?
When the Germans left Wrocław at the end of the war, they robbed in hurry as many treasures as possible. They probably hid them somewhere in Lower Silesia, but no one has managed to find them so far … But we managed to reach one of the last living witnesses! He gave us directions to find the treasures he had hidden in Wrocław, just before how he got on the train … Will you be able to find them?

1. You participate in pairs! If you are alone, let us know and we’ll find a partner for you ;)
2. The cost per person is 50 PLN. Everyone wins something!
3. Limit is 10 pairs, so hurry up!
4. If you want to participate, please book a seat!