Poland is incredibly beautiful in the winter, when mountains and forests are covered with a fresh layer of snow. In the winter, we take our guests away from cities and immerse ourselves in nature. In winter, it is easiest to meet animals because they are approaching human settlements in search of food. When it’s snowing, it’s easier to see their tracks. If you like to spend time actively, we’ll take you skiing, sleigh riding, snowmobile riding or dog sledding! If you decide to travel to Poland in the winter, you’ll feel like in a fairy tale.


One of the most beautiful places in Poland in the winter are the mountains in southwestern Poland, near Wroclaw. Izera Mountains, is a place distant from civilization and not very touristy, that’s why there is a lot of peace. We’ll take you to a place where you’ll be able to feel the true magic of Polish winter. Mountain hut with traditional food, cross country skis, sleigh rides and dog sled rides are just some of the attractions that will be waiting for you there. And all that in a park of dark sky, where you can admire millions of stars in the sky.


Another place that you cannot miss in the winter is, of course, the winter capital of Poland, or Zakopane, located at the foot of the highest Polish mountains. The Tatras are beautiful at any time of the year, but in winter they have a special charm, because there are few people on the trails and we will be able to wander in peace while admiring the beauty of white peaks. Of course, during mountain trekking, you’ll be able to take advantage of the care of our guide.  There are also many places worth visiting in Zakopane, if you want to rest for a while from physical activity.

For those who love animals and wildlife, we’ve prepared an additional trip, during which you’ll be able to see the bison in their natural habitat. These  animals are much easier to meet at this time of year, because they approach the feeders and leave marks on the snow. Very close to the Bialowieza Forest, where żubr lives, there is another National Park. There, also with our guide, you will look for moose, foxes and other animals living in the wild. In winter, you can count on a lot of impressions related to nature and outdoor movement!