In the spring and summer we organize trips to the Polish sea! Many people associate theBaltic Sea with cold water and it is certainly not the first choice of tourists who want to lie on the beach in a warm country. However, the Polish coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe! Wide, sandy beaches stretch for hundreds of kilometers. Especially in the spring and early autumn, you can enjoy the peace, quiet and still beautiful weather.

Gdańsk, a beautiful port city, played one of the main roles in the history of Poland. In 1939, it was here that the II World War began, and in 1980 Solidarność was born, thanks to which changes took place in Poland, ultimately leading to the fall of communism. Today Gdańsk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It delights with the Old Town, a uniform style and magnificent tenement houses. Interestingly, Gdańsk recently ranked 5th in the ranking of increasingly popular destinations in the world on TripAdvisor!

If you want to visit the Polish coast, it’s best to do it on a bike! We organize guided bicycle tours and it depends on you how many kilometers a day we will overcome. Taking into account your capabilities, we can spend most of our time on the way to sunbathing and sightseeing or drive 100 kilometers a day! The route often runs several hundred meters from the sea, so you can always take a break for a swim in the sea. Before you come to Poland you don’t have to worry about the equipment needed for a bike trip, everything will be waiting for you!

The Hel Peninsula, which is located near Gdańsk, is a beautiful nature, sailing tradition, customs of “people of the sea”, whose main occupation was fishing and contemporary history dating back to the Second World War. On this small patch of land, we can learn what the fisherman’s life and the work of the boat builderlooks look like. History enthusiasts will find here Polish and German militaria used during the Coastal Defense in 1939. The youngest tourists will have time and will be busy with gray seals that live in the Fokarium (Seal Sanctuary in Hel).

Going west of Gdańsk and the Hel Peninsula, we get to a small town called Białogóra. It is known for its beautiful, wide beaches with white sand and the best ice cream on the Polish coast! Białogóra is surrounded by wonderful, wonderfully fragrant forests. If you dream about horse riding on the beach, we can organize a sunset ride for you. A few kilometers away, you can take part in canoeing, which ends … in the sea! Near Białogóra there is also a lake where you can try out windsurfing!

Another of the coastal cities worth seeing is Łeba. The biggest attraction near Łeba is the extensive moving sand dunes in the Słowiński National Park. It is the largest strip of moving dunes in Europe! A real sandy desert located on a narrow sandbar between the Baltic Sea and Łebsko Lake. The wind causes the dunes to move and reach a height of several dozen meters! Curiosity, not only for military enthusiasts are the remains of a rocket launcher located in the dunes – during World War II there was a German testing ground where rockets were tested to attack New York.