We’re organising a trip for everyone who wants to spend a weekend in the mountains and meet some great people .

We’re going to speak English all day long, so for Polish people it will be an opportunity to practice the language and for everyone else to get to know Poland better. Everyone can participate, regardless of their level of English. If you don’t speak English yet, no problem!

We will visit The Bear Cave, one of the greatest attractions of the Massif of Śnieżnik. It is the longest cave in the Sudetes and one of the largest in Poland!

Śnieżnik is the 2nd highest peak of the Polish Sudetes! The path isn’t difficult and there are many beautiful views. Śnieżnik is one of the peaks that make up the Crown of Poland’s Mountains.

1. We meet at the main train station in Wroclaw at 8 a.m
2. Comfortable shoes and a good mood are a must!
3. The price of the trip is 140 PLN per person.

The price of the trip includes:
✓ train tickets
✓ accomodation
✓ ticket to the Bear’s Cave
✓ guide
✓ insurance