A party trip is an option for those who first of all want to have fun in Poland! We will take you to the most international and at the same time the most party city, which is Krakow. We will also go to the largest amusement park in Poland. Along the way, we’ll join one of the oldest and most famous breweries – Tychy, where you can of course try different types of beer. Depending on the date of your arrival, we will also try to take you to a music festival, and there is a lot of them in Poland!

Everything will start obviously in Krakow, which is the most party city in Poland. You’ll get to know the most famous clubs and pubs here. We’ll take you, of course, to Pub Crawl! Apart from the night Krakow, you’ll also have the opportunity to get to know the most beautiful monuments of the city during the day. The unique atmosphere of Krakow attracts like a magnet. It is particularly noticeable on the Krakow Main Square, but in fact it is the much less visited alleys that decide about the uniqueness of this city.

The largest Polish amusement park, which is Energylandia, is located roughly halfway between Krakow and Katowice. The entire complex covers an area of 26 ha. There are 70 attractions waiting for its guests, including extremely fast and high Roller Coasters, as well as powerful water attractions. Among them, among others Anaconda, the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, a ride on big boats with two mega-splashes from several dozen meters. But in Energyland there is also a lot of fun and games, spectacle and artistic shows! You will receive one ticket from us that will allow you to take advantage of all the attractions!

We will also take you on a trip to the Tychy brewery, which you will visit in a rather unusual way. This will be an extended visit to the workshop, during which the beer expert will present the art of beer tasting. One of the elements of this art are tasting techniques that allow you to discover the depth of taste and the variety of smells. As a participant of the Książęca school of tasting, you will also visit the brewery and the Museum. In addition to beers from the ‘Książęce’ collection, during the tour you will also be able to disgust the freshest, 14-day Tyskie Gronie beer!

If you come to Poland for holidays, we’ll take you to one of the greatest Polish music festivals! The best known of them is … Woodstock, which took its name from American Woodstock and is one of the largest music festivals in Europe at the moment! Every year, the most well-known bands in Poland as well as foreign music bands perform at the festival. In Gdańsk and Krakow, during the summer holidays, very large festivals are organized, where stars from around the world play. Let us know when you arrive, and you’ll definitely make it to a festival!