What makes us unique ?

We want you to get to know Poland in the most authentic way possible. Therefore, we will take you out of soulless hotels and take you to guest houses, where you will have the opportunity to meet wonderful hosts!

Because, in our opinion, travels are people we meet on our way. And the biggest secrets about places worth visiting will be revealed by the locals. Because Poles are a nation that willingly shares their experiences and knowledge!


Polish nature is a huge treasure, although not very well-known to guests from abroad. Wide, sandy beaches, clear lakes hidden among forests and wild mountains are just some of the treasures of nature, which many people from other European countries do not associate with Poland. And these places attract with silence and fresh air. In the wild you will experience attractions such as wolf tracking, dog sledding, canoeing or horse riding.

Remote contact or guide care? If you prefer to travel alone, of course while keeping in touch with us by phone 24h a day, there’s no problem. Unless you want to have at your side a person who will accompany you in everyday situations, sharing their knowledge and experience at the same time? The guide can be at hand for the entire duration of your stay in Poland or only in the places that you choose. At Treasures of Poland, you can choose 1 of 3 price packages.

Discovering the treasures of Poland is our specialty and something that sets us apart from the others offers. Taking into account your preferences, we will prepare for you a personalized tour program based on the completed form. Each day you’ll discover more places using the map and travel log. You’ll be helped by the puzzles we have prepared, leading from one treasure to another. We will surprise you with new places, attractions and experiences. Thanks to that you will feel like real explorers!

Our guests visit in an active way while canoeing, horse riding, dog sledding… We always try to make you experience some new things with us!

For example, if you want, you can participate in the exploration of caves, and even take a job in the mine!