Men’s trip | from 690€

If you want to come to Poland in a men’s group, we have something special for you! You will be able to feel like a miner working in a mine, wander through the woods tracking traces of wolves and other wild animals, enter the highest peak of Poland or go canoeing the most beautiful river in Poland! And if you don’t like spending time in nature, we will visit two of the most well-known breweries in Poland, where you will be tasting beer. You want more attractions? We will also go to the largest amusement park in Poland. And all this in one region!


A guided expedition in search of wild animals? The rules are simple: no work, no duties, only wolves, mountains and adventure! We will search, sniff and hunt. Burn bonfires and howl to the wolves. Wander around in wilderness where it’s easier to meet wolves than people and sleep in a place where it’s easier to hear their howls than the sounds of the city. Won’t the wolves attack us? There is nothing to be afraid of. Wolves are afraid of people and run away whenever they smell a human smell or hear noise. Wild animals are the easiest to pursue and observe in the winter, when they leave traces in the snow and approach the seat of humans in search of food.



Rysy, the highest peak of Poland, was first conquered on July 30, 1840. Eduard Blásy (Slovak) and professional guide Jakob Horvay made this achievement. The trail they took was the route through the Waga Pass. A commemorative tablet was put in a tribute to the north-west top, which unfortunately was destroyed after some time. Interestingly, in later years Eduard visited the top of Rysy 19 times. Today it is much easier to climb up to the top than in the 19th century, but you still need to be in good shape to get the highest Polish mountain.




Do you want to feel like a real miner in a shift? Are you ready to perform a series of mining works in the dark sidewalks of the coal mine? Before leaving, you will receive full equipment and a miner’s outfit, and then you will go to the deepest areas of the Guido Mine – the lowest point of the route is at a depth of 355 meters! The trail goes through the area of the mining wall No. 4, operated for training and research purposes in the second half of the 20th century. “Szychta” is a proposal for people prepared for a lot of physical effort and a solid dose of experience.



Another attraction that we can offer you is rafting down the Dunajec River. The canoeing route leads through extremely picturesque corners, meandering Dunajec, which creates a gorge here and breaks into the rocks of the Pieniny National Park, giving great views that are not to be found anywhere else. The Dunajec Gorge is one of the most beautiful watersheds on our continent. In the past, rafting was organized only for great occasions. They were used by magnates and important persons who visited the kings at castles in Czorsztyn and Niedzica. Nowadays, fortunately everyone can sail a traditional raft!



We will also take you on a trip to the Tychy brewery, which you will visit in a rather unusual way. This will be an extended visit to the workshop, during which the beer expert will present the art of beer tasting. One of the elements of this art are tasting techniques that allow you to discover the depth of taste and the variety of smells. As a participant of the Książęca school of tasting, you will also visit the brewery and the Museum. In addition to beers from the ‘Książęce’ collection, during the tour you will also be able to disgust the freshest, 14-day Tyskie Gronie beer!


The largest Polish amusement park, which is Energylandia, is located roughly halfway between Krakow and Katowice. The entire complex covers an area of 26 ha. There are 70 attractions waiting for its guests, including extremely fast and high Roller Coasters, as well as powerful water attractions. Among them, among others Anaconda, the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, a ride on big boats with two mega-splashes from several dozen meters. But in Energyland there is also a lot of fun and games, spectacle and artistic shows! You will receive one ticket from us that will allow you to take advantage of all the attractions!

We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer, which includes interesting short and long trips. You can also choose themed or price-based travel. Keep in mind that we also offer customized travel, so write to us if you are unable to find something to your liking or would like to combine certain attractions from our offer. We will do our best to figure out the travel plan right for you! Travel Poland with us!