Men’s trip | Into the wild

Hunting wolves and bears, sleeping under a tent in the forest, a trip to the mountains, one day’s work as a miner, tracking wolves and a few other attractions are waiting for a group of guys who want to visit Poland in men’s company …


Only wolves, Beskid Mountains and adventure! You will be searching and hooting in places where it’s easier to meet wolves than people. You will sleep in a place where it is easier to hear their howls than the sounds of the city. 

Currently the whole area is occupied by eight wolf families, two packs (called Grapa and Bukowy) in the Silesian Beskid Mts., one pack (called Madahora) in the Maly Beskid Mts., and five packs (called Gron, Czort, Halny and Pilsko) in the Żywiecki Beskid Mts.



2-day trip to the mountains in the men’s group, evening bonfire and sleeping in a shelter or under tents! It is also waiting for you during the Men’s trip. You will explore the Tatras, the most beautiful and highest Polish mountains, with the highest point of Poland called Rysy.

Rysy is a mountain in the crest of the High Tatras, eastern part of the Tatra Mountains, lying on the border between Poland and Slovakia. Rysy has three summits: the middle at 2,503 m (8,212 ft); the north-western at 2,499 m (8,199 ft); and the south-eastern at 2,473 m (8,114 ft). The north-western summit is the highest point of Poland and belongs to Crown of Polish Mountains.



Do you want to feel like a real miner in a shift? Are you ready to do a series of mining work in the dark sidewalks of the coal mine? Before the ride, you will receive full equipment and a stiletto outfit, and then you will go to the deepest areas of the Guido Mine – the lowest point of the route is 355 meters deep!

The route leads the area of the mining wall No. 4, operated for training and research purposes in the second half of the 20th century. “Szychta” is a proposal for people prepared for a lot of effort and a solid dose of impressions.



The Dunajec River breaks through beautiful limestone mountains in the south of Poland, creating some of the most incredible rock formations. The Pieniny National Park is a unique monument of nature untouched by civilisation. A 15-kilometer-long rafting route will let you relax and enjoy the beauty of Polish mountains nature.