The region of Lower Silesia and Wrocław is full of secrets. That is why we are organizing a mysterious trip here, during which you will discover the secrets of treasures hidden in these areas or underground passages. A mysterious trip is a proposal primarily for families with children, but also for couples and group of friends. Here you will solve puzzles and wander with a map to find more attractions. Of course, the entire schedule will be completed perfectly, but you will have to go to the next location step by step, a puzzle after puzzle. But don’t be worried, you will always be able to count on our help if you don’t manage to get to the next point! Does all this sound a bit mysterious? And that’s what it’s all about! Look in on tab mysterious trip to find out more, and if you’ll like what you see, fill in the form in the contact tab. Only then the fun will start!

Wrocław is best visited by following … dwarfs that are the symbol of the city. Where did the gnomes in Wrocław come from? One of the legends speaks of an imp, who came to Wrocław on a raft and for a long time tormented the residents of the city and teased them. He was clearing the shoelaces in peoples’ shoes when they waited for a bus, dyeing water in city fountains or adding salt to a sugar bowl in Wroclaw restaurants. At last, however, the gnomes, under the most pleasant of them, the Życzliwka, captured the malicious creature and culturally explained to him that the time of his pranks in Wrocław came to an end. The imp sailed away with its raft, and city dwellers and tourists can now walk the streets without any fear that someone will be tinkering with their laces. In gratitude, the city authorities decided to give the little dwarfs part of Wrocław…

Land of Extinct Volcanoes, this place, as the name suggests, where millions of years ago were active volcanoes. There are still volcano-shaped cones that have survived to this day. Thanks to its history, this land is rich with many treasures, such as gold and many other precious stones. Interestingly, still it’s easy to find gold in the river, so you’ll be able to feel like a discoverer! The Land of Extinct Volcanoes is also a place where you can learn how to papermaking, create glass and clay vessels or ride a horse in the field. In a word – we will take you to the old days!

 If you like hiking on higher peaks than extinct volcanoes, there are many mountains around Wrocław, where we can take you. The highest peak near Wrocław is Śnieżka, located at an altitude of 1603 meters above sea level. In the Sudetes you can wander for hours in the mountains, enjoying the peace and quiet. On many summit trails there are climatic mountain hostels where you can eat or spend the night. In the Polish mountains there is a lot of hiking and cycling trails, as well as ski slopes and at any time of the year you will find something for yourself!


During the World War II, Wrocław was a German city, but at the end of the war it was taken over by the Russians. Fleeing, the Germans tried to hide gold, documents and all the valuables they had. Unfortunately, it has never been possible to recover these treasures or find a place where they have been hidden. However, the legend of Wrocław’s Gold is still alive and during visiting the next places, you will have the opportunity to look for a hidden treasure! During the war, also near Wrocław, in the Owl Mountains, an underground city was created, the purpose of which still could not be discovered. We will try to solve this puzzle!

What other riddles hides Lower Silesia? Among others, Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia – Bear Cave, which is the place where the bear’s bone was found and where you can 4 admire the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Wandering long corridors, it’s sometimes hard to wonder that nature could create such fanciful shapes. You can also explore the cave with our guide, who will take you to places inaccessible to tourists, where you squeeze between rocks, reach hidden passages and chambers.