Eco tours

Eco tours Poland.

We love nature and want to protect it, so for people who also care about it, we have prepared Eco tours 🙂 During this trip you will only be able to navigate electric vehicles, such as trains and trams, but also on horseback, by bike and … raft! You will eat at local restaurants that use organic products. And above all, you will visit the most beautiful protected national parks and places where the air is clean and the water in the lakes transparent. What places you can visit during this trip?

Eco tours poland


One of the most beautiful parts of Poland is the east, from the wild Bieszczady mountains to the cleanest Polish lakes in the north. In the north-east of Poland, quite close to Warsaw, but in the total peace and quiet of the city of Hajnówka, you will feel the freshest air in Poland! There, you will be sleeping in a beautiful house Korolowa Chata which is like a ship in a sea of fields, this authentic house with an old stove, a pretty garden and an orchard of priceless old trees.



Very close to Hajnówka city, There is the Białowieża Forest, the last wild patch of land in Poland. There will be a guide waiting for you, who will take you to the meeting with the king of the wilderness, majestic bison! You will enter the strict nature reserve, where you can get only with a guide.

Białowieża forest, the world’s largest wild bison habitat, located in the north-eastern part of Poland, is a unique spot in the world. It is Europe’s last well-preserved fragment of a primeval forest that used to cover a large part of the Old Continent.


Another attraction that you can experience during Eco tours is a bicycle ride the Białowieża Primeval Forest to the Siemianówka Lake. Exactly between the border of the Forest and the lake, there is a house called “Dom na Rykowisku i Wozy Cyrkowe”. This is place where you can hear the roar of a moose and see a bison near the window of your room. If you want, you will have a possibility to spend one night in … a circus car!



After the night spent in the house “Dom na Rykowisku i Wozy Cyrkowe”, you will go on bicycles to “Łosia Chata”.

As the owners themselves say, their home is not an ordinary and harsh cottage in the forest. This is something for aesthetes, seekers of exquisite interiors, the smell of wood and pure nature. 



You will also visit Białystok, a beautiful city of many religions and cultures. The city where the most mysterious language of Esperanto was invented. Then you will go by train to the Biebrza National Park, where another attraction will await you! In the picture below you can see what it will be 🙂



If you want, you can spend one next night on a raft! Unless you prefer to sleep in an agritourism farm or under a tent, then the raft will only serve as a means of transport! Then you will go to Augustów, where you can go canoeing and in the evening you will take the train back to Warsaw.



Keep in mind that we also offer customized travel, so write to us if you are unable to find something to your liking or would like to combine certain attractions from our offer. We will do our best to figure out the travel plan right for you!