Eco tours – We love nature and during our travels we not only want to admire it, but also take care of it. That’s why during Eco tours we do not move by cars at all. We move by trains, trams, bicycles, on foot, by kayak, and even … on horseback! We spend the night in agritourism farms, where we eat meals prepared from natural products, often from the garden of our host! During Eco tours you will have the opportunity to see beautiful National Parks, the last unspoiled piece of land in Poland, or wild animals in nature. Below you can see what attractions, among other things, are waiting for you during this trip.

Our journey begins in Hajnówka, a small town in the east of Poland, from where it is very close to Białowieża and the Białowieża Forest! And it is just in the Forest where lives one of the symbols of Poland, a powerful Żubr (European bison), whom you will have the opportunity to watch with our guide. You can choose to walk around the precise nature reserve at sunrise, during the day or … at night. It is the easiest to meet the bison in the winter, but there is also a great chance in the summer! However, if we can not see the bison in nature, you will also have the opportunity to see the bison living in the reserve, where they live in huge space with other animals, such as wolves or elks!

You can also see other wild animals with our guide in the Biebrza National Park, where there are countless birds, as well as elks, wolves and foxes. Then, you will have the opportunity to go canoe or raft, and even sleep on a raft, which is specially adapted for that! If you want, we can arrange for you even a few days rafting, during which you can fish, try local dishes or explore more areas with a guide!


If you like to keep moving, we also have a proposal of a cycling tour for you. The areas of north-eastern Poland are very well adapted for cycling, because for several years, the Green Velo bicycle route has been running through the entire eastern wall of Poland. The route leads through the most interesting places in this part of Poland, so we can be sure that we will not miss any attraction! As an organizer, we provide bicycles and panniers, so you can easily repack and get on the road! The road is practically flat all the time, so even people who rarely ride a bike will be able to deal with it.

To relax a little from the nature, we will also take you to one of the most interesting cities in the region, that is to say Białystok. The unique character of this city has been shaped by a large number of cultures, religions and customs of people living in this area. Białystok has been home to Poles, Belarussians, Ukrainians, Jews, Russians, Germans or Tartars for years. Therefore, this huge blend of nationalities inspired Ludwik Zamenhof to create the world-famous language of Esperanto. Today’s Białystok is still a mix of many religions, which can be seen admiring, for example, beautiful Orthodox churches.