My name is Jan Srokowski and I’m the owner of Treasures of Poland, the history of my travel agency is largely the story of my life.


After many years of traveling around Poland and around the world, having already had great experience in organizing trips, I decided to fulfill my dream and show the beauty of Poland to guests from abroad. I started to get to know my homeland as a small child, traveling with my father on bicycle and mountain tours.Then, lonely trips around the world started, a project to travel around the world. And at some point, while driving the Trans-Siberian railway, I realized that it was time to return to Poland …

After visiting dozens of countries around the world, I understood that it is Poland that is the country I want to boast to the guests from abroad and show how much in my homeland has changed for the better.
Because Poland is a very developed country, but still not fully discovered and first of all, all the time authentic! Join me for a journey together!