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Who are we? | Travel Poland


We are a group of travellers with a passion for Poland. After years of travelling abroad and exploring the world, we decided to settle down for good in our homeland and show Poland off to the world. We have toured Poland extensively and now we want to share our experiences with others. 


Poland Tours for everybody


We have a ready offer for both people currently living in Poland and foreigners who want to visit our country. We organise one-day and weekend trips as well as longer travel according to the expectations of our clients. We have custom offers for people visiting Poland. This means that we adapt our offer to your requirements. We set the time and amount you are willing to pay and recommend the places worth seeing. Everything according to your wishes. In short – we create your dream journey. We arrange all details with you by telephone or e-mail and we are at your disposal for 24 hours a day when you are visiting Poland.


Why we are special? Travel Poland


Our offer is diverse enough for everyone to find something suitable for themselves. History buffs can visit places like the underground city of Osówka, the Majdanek concentration camp, or the World War II museum and the Solidarity museum in Gdańsk. For those with an interest in architecture, we offer tours of beautiful cities like Toruń, Kraków, or Gdańsk. Enthusiasts of nature can visit national parks, go trekking in the mountains, attend horseback riding camps, and do plenty of other stuff. Amateur athletes can take a kayaking or cycling trip. And we are very flexible: we always listen to your suggestions and are able to modify the travel plan according to your needs. We are full of energy and want to share it with you!